Election of 2016 BoD

Dear Sanskriti members,

Our Election Committee has completed the task of nominating the 2016 Board of Directors (BoD), the Community Council (CC) and the Election Committee (EC), and made the following announcement on October 6, 2015.


EC requested Community Council to announce the invitation for the nominations from Sanskriti Members on August 30th, 2015 through Sanskrtiti Web page. It was posted and received nominations with a deadline of September 27, 2015 for submission of nominations.
Vacancies on the Board of Directors : There were 5 vacancies for 2 year term and 3 vacancies for 1 year term. EC received the following nominations :
1. Aloke Roy, Life Member – alokeroy.wdc@gmail.com
2. Mitali Chatterjee, Annual Member (10+ years) – mitalichatterjee@hotmail.com
3. Anubrata Chowdhury, Life Member – anubratac@hotmail.com
4. Atanu Duttaroy, Life Member – aduttaroy@howard.edu
5. Madhumita Sircar, Life Member – msircar@verizon.net
6. Pallabi Guharoy, Life Member – proy2@verizon.net
7. Roopa Biswas, Life Member – roopabiswas@yahoo.com
8. Sucharit Ghosh, Annual Member (2+ years) – theghoshfamily@comcast.net
Vacancy on the Community Council and the Election Committee :
EC received nominations for – One position for the Community Council  and one position for the Election Committee.
For CC: Chinmoy Mitra, Life Member – mitcmitra@gmail.com
For EC: Rabin Roy, Life Member – rr228@georgetown.edu
EC finds all nominations are in line with the announcement.
Thank you.
Kamal Datta
On behalf of the Sanskriti Election Committee 2015


All new Sanskriti officials are to be introduced at the General Body Meeting scheduled for Saturday, December 5, 2015, at Potomac Community Center. The proceedings are set to start at 11.30 AM.